Colorful 2

Und schon ist Platte Nummer 2 von Heinrich am Start. Sieben neue Songs aus den Bereichen Singer-Songwriter, SKA Reggae und Glam-Rock. Da sollte es eigentlich bald eine Stadion-Tour geben. Auch bei den neuen Songs sind die Lyrics immer gleich, aber cool was man daraus machen kann. Die Texte habe ich auch in diesem Artikel wieder eingebaut vor der Playlist.

Lyrics der zweiten LP – bitte anklicken

Yo, let me tell you ‚bout a Dude named Heinrich
Living on Böckler Street, the coolest Neighbor, no Myth
He’s made of Felt, but he’s as real as it gets
Shooting funny Videos, spreading laughs and wit

Heinrich’s got the Moves, grooving to the Beats
Making everyone smile, from the Blocks to the Streets
With his Felt Friends, he’s always up to something great
His Adventures, man, they just won’t abate

Heinrich’s in the Limelight, he’s a star on the Rise
Capturing the world’s Attention, they can’t deny
From hilarious Pranks to wild Escapades
He’s got Stories for Days, no need for Serenades

Heinrich on the Street
Rockin‘ to the Beat
Made of Felt
But man
He’s so damn neat
Neighbors call him cool
On the Böckler Street
Shootin‘ funny Videos
Makin‘ life complete

With his Camera in Hand
He’s always on the go
Capturing moments
How they flow
From the Hood to the Park
He’s everywhere you know
Experiencing great things
Wherever he may stow

Let your Colors show
Rockin‘ and rollin‘ wherever you go
From the Böckler Street to the Streets of Gold
The Adventures of Heinrich
Never get old

colorful 2

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